Our skills are valuable

This time last year, there were thousands of refugees entering Greece from Middle Eastern countries, mainly Syria and Afghanistan. 

Right now, there are more than 60,000 refugees in Greece waiting to be granted Asylum. Many are living in tents, and many have no shelter at all. The camps that they live in do not meet international standards (http://metro.co.uk/2017/01/26/more-than-60000-refugees-stuck-in-limbo-in-greece-6406997/).

How might we frame this issue as it pertains to Greece? Well, most people are aware that there are numerous countries producing thousands of refugees. There are thousands that have gone to Greece, and while it allows these refugees to live in a safer country, Greece is in the middle of an economic crisis and is struggling to look after its own citizens, let alone all these refugees. If people in other countries offer aid to these refugees, it will take the strain off Greece.

Brothers staying warm under blankets

As a university student, my hands-on skills are limited. It is possible, however, for us to raise funds and travel to Greece to provide some support. Winter in Greece is harsh and for people who have nothing even the smallest amount of generosity would help, providing more blankets, for instance. Not having travelled much its hard to know what these people are going through. I can use my communication and empathy skills to listen to the stories coming from the refugee camps, to ask good questions and share these stories through my social media accounts to raise awareness among friends and family.

To make our involvement more meaningful, however, we could raise money to build shelters for those refugees who are struggling the most in Greece, and work with people who have designed temporary refugee camp shelters in the past. Greece cannot afford to care for these refugees, therefore people in other countries need to be aware of the issue and find out what they can do to help.

A refugee family in Greece

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