The place everyone seems to be talking about

In recent years the Greek Islands have increased in prominence as the ‘place to be’ for young travellers. Seeing people on social media posting images of the islands and writing caption such as “I want to be here” or “take me back to my favourite place” intrigued me. Here are these beautiful images of clear blue water and islands frozen in time, where on earth could they be? I soon discovered that the place everyone was raving about were the Greek Islands. They have become an iconic travel destination for young tourists and travellers alike. Some islands have great night life. Some people love the idea of sailing through turquoise waters and being able to swim off the boat at their leisure. These islands have become an iconic Greek symbol, and have been drawing a new wave of travellers to the historic country.


Promoting the islands would increase tourism for the islands, but not necessarily for Greece. Many ‘island hopping’ tours take you in and out of Athens and straight for the islands. Tourism in Greece may have also receded in the past few years as the economy there declined.


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